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25.11.2020 | 4 minute read

#XLA - Employee Experience, with Roy Atkinson - Part 1

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8 minute read


#XLA - The Key Differences Between XLAs and SLAs

When presented with information related to your organization’s need for Experience Level Agreements, you might be left ...

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6 minute read


#XLA - Why SLAs Miss the Reality of a Situation, with TOPdesk's Hannah Price

Hannah has been working as a Service Management Consultant for TOPdesk for over 7 years, originally focusing on the ...

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5 minute read


Forgetting about end-users of IT services can be costly

IT is most beneficial when users can take advantage of the opportunities offered by IT services — as efficiently and ...

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#XLA - Is Happiness Overrated with Giarte CEO, Marco Gianotten

Happiness - a term that can be imagined as something very fluffy. However, it is also a term that grows increasingly ...

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4 minute read


Experience and Outcome Metrics with Barclay Rae

Barclay Rae has been working in the ITSM industry for over 30 years with organisations such as SDI and ITSMF UK, as ...

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6 minute read


#XLA - The Benefits of Experience Level Agreements

SLAs are a thing of the past, with Employee Experience a big trend for 2020 as well as a key driver for CIOs to prove ...

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HappyToday podcast: What are Experience Level Agreements?
6 minute read


#XLA - What are Experience Level Agreements?

Experience Level Agreements are an ever growing topic in ITSM. However, the term has never been given a single ...

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Enfo's journey to a modern IT Service Provider
5 minute read


Enfo's Journey to Modern IT Service Provider (MSP)

With this tool and these discussions, we are on the same side of the table with the customer. Minna Nousiainen, SVP, ...

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Fujitsu and Tieto, discussion on MSPs and changing world of outsourcing

Sami Kallio interviews two MSP representatives in our yearly HUG customer event. Fujitsu UK's Catriona “Cat” MacDonald ...

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