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Our customers have been able to increase end-user productivity after using HappySignals.

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Extend your current Service Management platform, like ServiceNow, Cherwell, Freshservice and others with HappySignals and make meaningful impact with your development efforts.

Product Overview

We measure the happiness and productivity of more than 700,000 employees in 124 countries.

Steps to happiness, what HappySignals will bring?


1. Transparency

Sharing Experience Data with colleagues, partners, vendors and stakeholders in real-time, will help you to co-operate to reach common goals.

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2. Trust

Employees data can be trusted by all stakeholders, it’s not manipulated by a partner or showing the agenda of a manager.

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3. Focus

With trust, data and transparency, you can create a purpose driven IT department, that doesn’t need to be micro-managed. Clever people know how to achieve a common goal when you give them one.

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4. Outcomes

With everyone focused on the same goal, with the same real-time data, you can celebrate success when you make a difference.

What our customers say?

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