HCLTech x HappySignals

Measuring Employee Sentiments to drive Productivity and Experience


HCLTech - HappySignals Partnership has enabled efficient management of IT Experience of employees based on effective insights and reliable data sources

Experience is most talked about but often least heard. With aim to hear what employees have to say about their experience with IT and improve upon, HCLTech and HappySignals have collaborated to offer a joint solution to enterprises looking for a human-centric approach. This employee experience platform enables organizations to manage employee experience and make data-driven improvements across a range of IT services.

At the heart of the solution is the IT experience management framework, which enables organizations to measure experiences, share experience data, identify improvements, and improve what matters most. The solution provides reliable, comparable, and repeatable data from employee with ready-made surveys that can be distributed via multiple channels. The platform with help of AI engine, gives powerful insights and drive decision making. The Happiness Score quantifies both happiness and productivity, allowing IT teams to identify focus areas by drilling down into the experience data.

This is also helping us drive various conversations around XLA’s, setting targets to deliver experience and improve productivity of employees, as well as agents. Driving and managing initiatives that are more relevant to the workforce and benchmark with industry standards. The solution provides automated reporting, management of dissatisfied employees, and delivers higher quality responses.

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