Enterprise Service Management Supported

HappySignals allows you to expand Experience Management beyond IT by measuring the experiences in any business service you manage via your ITSM platform. XLAs for non-IT Services allow a Human-Centric approach to service management.


Human-Centric ESM

HappySignals supports Enterprise Service Management (ESM) to understand the end-user experience in your business services, like HR, finance, and facilities.

Bringing XLAs into business services has never been easier; you pick the service and make a target for it.

Our AI helps you do the hard work of reading, categorizing, and understanding the underlying sources of frustration and productivity loss by using our Happiness Score™ and your company’s operational data combined with People Data.

All the other standard features support ESM as well. The ITXM Framework is not IT-specific but works perfectly with any service management area.




Humans are the best sensors

Only humans can experience things. Processes and technology contribute to the experience, but the experience is ultimately what the end user perceives.

In Business Services, it's essential to understand where the company's employees' time is wasted and the sources of frustration so that you can focus on improving the right things in your area and contribute to the overall productivity gains of your business services.

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