Why "More smiles and less time wasted" ?

Sami Kallio, CEO of HappySignals

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Make enterprises experience data driven, leading to more smiles and less time wasted

Happiness drives us.

We make experience data visible, understandable and connected to operational data in IT, enabling enterprises to change their culture to be more open, outcome focused and data-driven. This saves time and money.

Our customers have been able to make employees happier and increase productivity by 26%. This is why we exist.

Steps to happiness for enterprises

Our four core believes that must change in an enterprise to become employee-driven,


1. Transparency

Experience Data needs to be shared with colleagues, partners, vendors and stakeholders in real-time. This is the only way to co-operate to reach common goals.

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2. Trust

Employees data can be trusted by all stakeholders, it’s not manipulated by a partner or showing the agenda of a manager.

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3. Focus

With transparency, data and trust, a purpose-driven IT department is created.

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4. Outcomes

With everyone focused on the same goal, with the same real-time data, outcomes can be achieved and success celebrated.

Our People

Sami Kallio

Pasi Nikkanen

Sami Aarnio

Ryan Fry

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Marko Ruusinen

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