How Customers and MSPs Benefit from Experience Management

HappySignals and ISG whitepaper addresses the challenges both customers and outsourcing providers face when considering their experience strategy. 


Ensure quality outsourcing with your MSPs

Managing expectations and experiences can become a mutual tug-of-war between end-users and MSPs, with traditional service level agreements (SLAs) falling short when measuring and reporting on the user experience.

This in-depth whitepaper:

  • Addresses the challenges both customers and outsourcing providers face when considering their experience strategy.
  • Explains the differences between service level agreements (SLAs) and experience level agreements (XLAs) and how both are critical for success.
  • Identifies the common themes and expectations that cause the 'watermelon effect,' along with how to avoid them.

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Key Takeways

  • Understand why you cannot outsource the responsibility for employee experience

  • Learn the differences between SLAs and XLAs, and how both are critical for the success of experience management

  • Discover how experience management drives cost optimization to both the customer and MSP and why it doesn't come for free
  • CSAT data offers a limited and skewed view of what end-users think of their MSPs performance, with zero acknowledgment of over-arching experience or expectations.
  • Know the myths from the facts when it comes to MSPs and employee experience on its service delivery

  • How MSPs perception of the watermelon effect is putting pressure on their service delivery

  • Customers and MSPs must agree on their responsibilities and be accountable for delivering on their promises to focus on employee experience

  • A solid foundation for a trusting partnership is established when all parties are transparent, recognize
    the value and responsibility, and have set expectations.

Read this whitepaper, if you are:

  • Looking to outsource for the first time, switch providers or improve engagement with the existing provider
  • Struggling with MSP outsourcing collaboration when demanding great end-user experiences?
  • Facing the Watermelon effect - IT performance measures are green on the outside but red on the inside.
  • MSP looking to build an experience management offering.

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How Customers and MSPs Benefit From Experience Management

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