15.12.2020 | 3 minute read

47. CIOs are the Driving Force for Cultural Change, with Karen Ferris

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7 minute read


#XLA - The Key Differences Between XLAs and SLAs

When presented with information related to your organization’s need for Experience Level Agreements, you might be left ...

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6 minute read


#XLA - Why SLAs Miss the Reality of a Situation, with TOPdesk's Hannah Price

Hannah has been working as a Service Management Consultant for TOPdesk for over 7 years, originally focusing on the ...

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4 minute read


Forgetting about end-users of IT services can be costly

IT is most beneficial when users can take advantage of the opportunities offered by IT services — as efficiently and ...

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#XLA - Is Happiness Overrated with Giarte CEO, Marco Gianotten

Happiness - a term that can be imagined as something very fluffy. However, it is also a term that grows increasingly ...

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HappySignals closes 4.7M funding with Nauta Capital and Vendep Capital

Helsinki, Finland (September 17th, 2020) Helsinki-based HappySignals, an Employee Experience Management Platform ...

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