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HappySignals becomes a strategic tool for Computacenter in our XMO (Experience Management Services), massively enhancing the definition, delivery and business relevance of XLAs for IT.


Computacenter and HappySignals announce a strategic partnership to elevate end-user sentiment analysis

Computacenter, a leading IT service provider, and HappySignals, the Human-Centric IT Experience Management company, are excited to announce a strategic partnership to bring end-user sentiment analysis to the next level, empowering organizations to understand the positive and negative impact of their IT on their business and people. HappySignals becomes a strategic tool for Computacenter in the launch of their new Sentiment Benchmarking Service and as a rich source of information into their XMO (Experience Management Services), massively enhancing the definition, delivery and business relevance of XLAs for IT.

Understanding end-user sentiment is crucial in today’s digital landscape. Studies have shown that companies with high levels of employee satisfaction experience a 20% increase in productivity and a 21% improvement in profitability. With this partnership, Computacenter aims to leverage HappySignals' expertise to provide deeper insights into end-user experiences, allowing for more proactive and responsive IT service management.  

Using the market-leading SaaS tool for human-experience analysis from HappySignals, allied with their extensive internal service data and insights, enables Computacenter to provide customers with rich, relevant, and credible data and actionable recommendations on the experience of using IT across their organizations and the impact this has on the productivity of their users.   The nine dimensions measured include not just the traditional reactive elements of end user satisfaction measurement but extend out across the whole range of IT services people use in their daily working lives.   Giving IT leaders valuable and tangible information they can use and share on the role IT plays in enabling their organization to succeed.

Benefits of the Partnership

  • Enhanced Service Quality: By integrating HappySignals’ sentiment analysis capabilities, Computacenter will be able to identify and address IT issues more efficiently, resulting in improved user satisfaction and productivity.
  • Real-Time Feedback: The partnership will enable us to gather real-time feedback from users, providing immediate insights into their IT experiences and helping us to make data-driven decisions.
  • Benchmarking and Analytics: HappySignals offers industry-standard benchmarking, allowing Computacenter to compare our IT service performance against market leaders and continuously strive for excellence.
  • Experience Management Leader: Computacenter's human-centric approach makes them a top choice for IT services, setting them apart as forward-thinking in prioritizing user sentiment.

Strategic Importance

“The partnership with HappySignals is a testament to our dedication to innovation and excellence. By focusing on end-user sentiment, we strengthen not only our commitment to delivering IT services that meet and exceed customer expectations but also to offering our customers the ability to understand and manage employee experience of IT across their whole portfolio for the benefit of their organizational goals. IT Experience is no longer just about managing delivery performance of your support functions, its about ensuring IT is enabling your people to thrive in their roles and as a result seeing your organization succeed”, says Richard Umney, Computacenter Director Portfolio Innovation & Design. "Adding HappySignals to the portfolio of Intelligent Support Services we offer gives our customers more of the data and the insights they need to ensure IT remains a valuable contributor and trusted partner in their organization," he continues.

Richard Umney2



The partnership with HappySignals is a testament to our dedication to innovation and excellence.


- Richard Umney, Director Portfolio Innovation & Design


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