Experience Management for Partners

We work with the leading Global Systems Integrators, Managed Service Providers, Consulting, and Implementation companies worldwide to help enterprises improve their customer experience and drive business and process improvements.

Why partner with HappySignals?

We empower our partners to simply implement an experience management solution, which embeds into their customers standard workflows and instantly measures end user happiness and productivity.


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Accelerate IT transformation through XLAs, with fewer sanctions and better cooperation with your customers

Together with GSI’s, MSPs, Implementation partners, Consultants and tight collaboration with ITSM Tool vendors we can support the shift to Experience Level Agreements (XLAs).

Increase your customer retention and satisfaction, and bring value to them by delivering real-time IT Experience Data which gives you a continuous stream of insights into what your customers' end-users need.


Global Systems Integrators (GSI) and Managed Service Providers (MSP)

HappySignals Experience Management Platform allows GSI’s and MSPs to instantly measure the performance of applications and services, by placing the user experience at the heart of IT. Continuously measuring and sharing real-time experience data with selected stakeholders (including management, personnel and service providers) GSIs and MSPs are able to identify areas for continuous improvements.


Improve your win rate and customer retention

Improve your “win rate” and “retention” with a differentiated proposition around experience management bringing you closer to the c-suite and your customers end users

Increase Service Desk motivation by instant feedback

Improve the service desk operations with instant feedback, motivating both service desk agents and delighting your customer’s employees.

Empower your customers

Full transparency empowers you and your customers to focus on positives, make decisions based on actionable insight, and identify areas of improvement aligning cost to the right areas of the IT estate.


ServiceNow & other
ITSM Tool Partners

ServiceNow, Ivanti, Remedy, FreshService, and other ITSM tool partners deliver and manage strategic platforms for their customers. Using the ITSM Platform and HappySignals side by side, each for their intended purpose leads to better service experiences, improved end-user productivity and helps to prove the value of ITSM investments.


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Extend your project value proposition and win rate

Extend your project value proposition and “win rate” with an XLA-differentiated proposition that brings you closer to the C-suite and your customers end users

Create new service offerings and develop long-term engagements

Leverage the HappySignals platform to create new annuity-based service offerings and develop long term engagements with minimal effort.

Deliver great experiences and business outcomes

Align with ServiceNow’s focus on delivering great business outcomes and digital end-user experiences.

XLA Advisory and Consulting

We work closely with selected global advisory and consulting partners for managing IT end-user experiences, including experience level agreement (XLAs) management, KPI's and reporting. 

XLA Collab

An advisory and consultancy company, helping organizations accelerate their experience journey.

Podcast: XLA - Alan Nance from XLA Collab, Incentives Reap Huge Benefits



Consulting company that helps organizations measure, manage and improve employees' experience of their IT Services.

Podcast: XLA - Experience Management Drives Business Value


Barclay Rae

Company offers help and guidance for IT departments' needs to start measuring value, experience, and outcomes instead of traditional SLA metrics.

Video: Experience and Outcome Metrics


CSchuyler Consulting

An independent consultancy specializing in organizational transformation and change management.


Ready to get started?

Grasp the importance of Experience Management, and take your customers on an improvement journey. Whether you’re looking to increase the value you provide, want to be a leader in the market with a differentiated proposition, or looking to implement XLAs, HappySignals is there to help.


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