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Customer Centric Excellence and Strategic Partnership: Elevating Experiences Together


Unlock mutual success through strategic collaboration and shared innovation

Together, Tech Mahindra and HappySignals offer a solution for the employee experience . This employee experience platform enables organizations to manage end-user experiences and make data-driven improvements across a range of IT services and workplace environments, including ticket-based services, enterprise applications, laptops and computers, mobile devices, collaboration with IT, office environment, remote work, service portal, and overall IT experience.

At the heart of the solution is the IT experience management framework, which enables organizations to measure experiences, share experience data, identify improvements, and improve what matters most. The solution provides reliable, comparable, and repeatable data with ready-made surveys that can be distributed via email, Microsoft Teams, or Slack. The Happiness Score quantifies both happiness and productivity, allowing IT teams to identify focus areas by drilling down into the experience data.

Enterprises can easily share experience data openly with all stakeholders, including employees, IT teams, and business leaders. The solution provides automated reporting, live screens in the workplace, and an instant feedback loop for IT, enabling teams to identify factors causing unhappiness and compare their score against the global IT experience benchmark.

The partnership between Tech Mahindra and HappySignals enables organizations to embark on a innovative and efficient journey. With a shared commitment to excellence, our collaborative efforts empower businesses to navigate challenges seamlessly. Fueled by cutting-edge technology and data-driven solutions, this partnership unlocks transformative possibilities, propelling organizational success and fostering a future of sustainable growth.

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