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Experience Management for ServiceNow

Knowing what is important to your end-users is essential to achieve ROI from your support services.

Having real-time IT Experience data gives you a continuous stream of insights into what your end-users' need.

Focusing on end-user requirements leads to happiness and productivity.

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Purpose built for ServiceNow

Certified and ready to go

Our customers get happier end-users, but what directors especially like is the on average 26% productivity gains.

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HappySignals ServiceNow certified app


Discover the top three priorities customers expect from the ServiceNow platform

People, Workflows, Technology... in that order

Using ServiceNow for workflows and HappySignals for people analytics leads to better end-user experiences and productivity.

"Having talked to hundreds of CIOs and executives, they all name three main priorities related to ServiceNow”

  1. Protect the integrity of the platform, without the need for excessive customization
  2. Focus on the Employee Experience, how to quantify that?
  3. Demonstrate the ROI of ServiceNow and IT initiatives

Watch the 15min interview to find out the reasons to why Jimmy Fitzgerald chose to join HappySignals as an investor, advisor, and board member.

Customers gain 26% on average in productivity when using HappySignals

Measure how end-users perceive services. Share results and information with stakeholders. Identify improvement areas that lead to better outcomes.

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Over 90% of our customers recommend HappySignals


“HappySignals is the same for CIOs that CRM is for Sales Directors”

I want to bring a consumer level IT Experience to Campari. When our end users are having great experiences, then they want to consume more. I want my consumers, the Camparistas, to consume more of my technology.


“A must have solution to bring the right focus on Service Experience”

It's a very simple to use, intuitive yet powerful solution with great analytics dashboards that gives you the utmost visibility of how users are experiencing your services... On top of it, it's a plug-and-play solution that can be up and running within days.


“Fantastic product, would not be able to do my job without it”

The real-time feedback allows us to make tangible improvements. 
The interface is very easy to navigate.

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How to use HappySignals with ServiceNow

Use Real-time Experience Data to Understand Where End-users Struggle the Most

With HappySignals you can easily identify improvement areas to positively impact end-user happiness and productivity.

Easily drill down into experience data that is connected to operational data.

Watch a 3 Minute Practical Example
Experience Data graph image HappySignals for ServiceNow

Automate the Right Processes

Use HappySignals to optimise your use of ServiceNow automation capabilities.

One practical example is using Experience Data linked to reassignments to configure Agent Intelligence and other ServiceNow automation tools.

See reassignment example in under 2 minutes
Icon Reassigment count ServiceNow and HappySignals Experience Data

Understand All End-User IT Touchpoints

Working in a hybrid environment means less control of the IT Experience users are having.

HappySignals enables measuring end-user experiences regardless of their location or which devices they work productively with.

Measure how remote work, devices and enterprise applications impact the employees' experiences - even when they do not create tickets.

Watch video about non-ticket based Experience Data
Experience Management for employees using ServiceNow and HappySignals

XLAs to ServiceNow

HappySignals brings XLA thinking and Experience Management framework on top of your existing ServiceNow implementation, without needing to customize or develop your own solution.

Our Practical Guide to XLAs
Experience Level Agreements guide for ServiceNow

Instant feedback loops with Workflow Designer

Leverage HappySignals Experience data to create powerful automations in the Now platform.

As the Experience Data is pulled back to your Now Platform, take advantage of the Workflow Designer to initiate tasks and processes based on end-users experiences.

See a quick 30s Experience Data tutorial with Workflow Designer
Experience Management for ServiceNow Workflow Designer with HappySignals

Channel Development

Instead of pushing channels that were decided "from above", learn how Experience Data can help identify which channels are most practical for your end-users. Justify your Virtual Agent rollout based on real experience data

HappySignals helps with channel development by showing channel-specific happiness, estimated lost time and the services that were involved.

Watch 3min Video About Channel Development Experience Data
Experience Management in ServiceNow Channel development with HappySignals

Time to Value

Our Experience Management Framework and quick time to market allows you to see benefits in days, not in months.

  • Installation from the ServiceNow Store and configuration for your own needs only takes a few hours.
  • Integration being fast and straight forward has made our clients happy every single time.
  • The legal aspects are taken care of too, to make your lawyers and procurement happy :)




If you want to learn more

Watch our on-demand webinar that goes into greater detail about how HappySignals is best used with ServiceNow, or read our blogs about how to leverage ServiceNow with the HappySignals Platform. 

Or if you prefer personal contact, our Experience Advisors are always happy to talk to new faces over Zoom. Book a meeting today!

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