ITXM Foundation Training

This is a FREE 6-lesson course to give you the basic understanding of our IT Experience Management Framework.

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Lesson 1 - Overview of ITXM

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Length: 10 minutes

Start here, the overview of IT Experience Management and ITXM Framework.

Lesson 2 - Measure Experiences

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Length: 9 minutes

Learn why, how and what to measure when it comes to IT Experience Management.

Lesson 3 – Share the Experience Data

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Length: 8 minutes

Sharing the Experience Data is one of the most important concepts of the ITXM Framework but also many times of the hardest to do.

Lesson 4 – Identify Improvements

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Length: 11 minutes

Using Experience Data to identify the improvement areas.

Lesson 5 – Improve What Matters Most

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Length: 8 minutes

Improving What Matters the Most covers how to bring outcome metrics into improvement measurement, setting targets and celebrating success.

Lesson 6 – ITXM Maturity Model

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Length: 6 minutes

IT Experience Management is a journey that follows our ITXM Maturity model. There are easy steps to get started and how to evolve your way into a human-centric IT organization.

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