Start your journey to become an experience-centric organization

How to start and accelerate your journey to become an experience-centric organization

In this special guest webinar, Sami Kallio, Co-founder of HappySignals, is joined by ING's Service Manager Workplace, Yannick De Backer to discuss how digital transformation efforts need to be focused on Human Experience in IT, as well as the increasing need to set up Experience Level Agreements (XLAs), instead of Service Level Agreements (SLAs).

Experience in IT is more than just an agreement. Adopting an Experience Management mentality across all touchpoints with IT allows you to create and deliver exceptional experiences and increase your internal customers’ productivity.

Sami explains how measuring end-user experiences, sharing the experience data with everyone, and identifying improvement areas, will change the culture in your IT. As well as this, our customer ING will share their story on why they have started their Experience Management journey and significantly increased end-user happiness and productivity.


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