Experience is about People, Processes and Tech - In that order

Unhappy end-users, losing daily productivity, an endless stack of support tickets for IT incidents and requests? If this sounds familiar, then something is wrong.  

Delivery of excellent services needs to start from the end-users themselves, and the areas they are shouting about that need improvement. If you aren't listening to your end-users, you face the dreaded watermelon effect and the continued lousy reputation that IT departments so famously hold. 

Focus on People and understand what they want, then tailor the processes and tech around what your end-users want. In this episode of Happy in 15, Pasi and Sami dig into why service delivery has been going wrong, from the theoretical formulation of delivery and improving services to the new structure that will reform your IT Departments' view on how services need to be successfully delivered.

Prefer readable content? Read our blog on why Experience is about People, Process, and Tech - in that order!

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