The 10th Global IT Experience Benchmark Report

If you’re a CIO, IT Leader, Experience Owner, or Service Owner, it is important for you to understand what the word “experience” refers to in contexts of DEX, XLA, and other three-letter acronyms. The HappySignals IT Experience Benchmark tells the story from a purely human internal end-user experience with IT and identifies how people feel about IT across different IT touchpoints. Every response in the data represents a real human relying on IT to do their daily work in large enterprises.The data in this half-year report is based on 860,339 end-user responses from 130+ countries.
Key findings in the report:
  • End-user perceived lost work time per reassignment has increased, increasing the importance for IT to understand the impact of reassignments.
  • Response rates vary significantly across countries, providing valuable insights into where end-users may not believe their feedback matters.
  • The faster tickets are solved the higher the response rate. Our data shows a linear relationship between how long a ticket is open and response rates.
  • For the first time, remote work satisfaction surpasses IT service satisfaction, indicating strong end-user appreciation for remote work capabilities and benefits.

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