How to Incorporate XLAs into Outsourcing Agreements

While experience level agreements (XLAs) continue to be a hot topic, IT service leaders need more practical guidance on how to include them in their outsourcing agreements. 
Don't miss out on this on-demand webinar! Join Sami Kallio from HappySignals and Neil Keating from Bright Horse as they share expert advice and best practices on integrating Experience Level Agreements (XLAs) into contracts between IT suppliers and customers. Hear about real customer examples and gain practical advice and valuable learnings to transform your outsourcing strategy.
You'll learn:
  • What a contracted XLA looks like
  • What are the contractual governance differences between XLAs and traditional metrics
  • What are the options for contracting XLAs alongside the recommended approach
  • How best to manage penalties/rewards

Webinar slides (pdf)

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