Ticket bouncing - The most impactful ITIL metric

EP 13- Ticket Bouncing-most impactful ITIL Metric
Ticket bouncing, commonly known as ticket reassignment, is where an IT incident or request ticket is passed from one team to another, before its resolution. 
This has a dramatic effect on lost work time for the end-user, as well as happiness, productivity, resulting in greater costs and reduced business value. In fact, it has such an effect that we believe this could be one of the most important ITIL metrics to improve.
In this episode, Pasi divulges how HappySignals measures the impact of reassignment counts on happiness, productivity and cost, as well as customer testimonials on how they approach this major conundrum many businesses face. 
Key Takeaways:
  • How HappySignals measures Ticket reassignment
  • Refinitivs scores on ticket bouncing
  • How to use HappySignals to measure and improve ticket reassignment


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