Measurement, Management and Money

If you want to get the attention of senior executives in any organization, show them the money. How does money flow through the organization? Where is value added and lost? These indirect costs are tough to pin down, but they're there - and you can find them.

Traditional IT support metrics have been focused on IT itself, producing what many call inside-out thinking and vision. These days, businesses mistakenly believe that cutting IT spending is good and doing more with less saves money. But we can't improve what we don't measure, right?

In this webinar with industry authority Roy Atkinson on "Measurement, Management and Money" he discusses how the thinking that cutting IT spending is good, and doing more with less saves money, is actually very flawed; and in his presentation he covered:

  • The staggering costs of lost productivity we do not see
  • How siloed thinking limits our visibility into spending
  • How ITXM can help break down silos and gain a better understanding of spending

At the end of the session we also took a quick look at how the HappySignals Productivity Measurement works, with a brief introduction to our ITXM Framework. If you'd like more information on this area of the presentation please visit:

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