Global IT Experience Benchmark - Key Findings

"Human Interactions with Service Desk are by far outperforming IT experience in other IT touchpoints."

Discover what aspects of enterprise IT has the most significant impact on end-user happiness and productivity across all touchpoints with technology, beyond IT Service incidents and requests. The Happiness Score™ data from the last six months now covers all Enterprise IT touchpoints, and the findings are intriguing. The report is based on continuous data collection through the HappySignals Experience Management Platform for IT. In total, there were 948,280 end-user responses from our Enterprise customers between December 2020 to May 2021.

In this webinar, you will hear:
- What is the state of Enterprise IT Experiences across all IT touchpoints
- What are our key findings in a broader context from nearly one million responses across 130 countries
- Remote work factors leading end-user happiness, how happiness changed over the last 12 months, but also fascinating country-specific differences

Happiness Score™ Benchmark is data with one million end-user responses in over 130 countries. It is based on continuous measurement of all HappySignals customers. You can easily compare your IT and Services Experience performance against other companies globally.

Join our discussion and learn how great of an impact a well-aligned IT Service and Support function can have on internal customer satisfaction.

Pasi Nikkanen, Chief Growth Officer (host)
Sami Kallio, CEO
Sakari Kyrö, Product Marketing Manager

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