Why is 80% of business productivity lost by 13% of tickets?

In our recent Global IT Experience Benchmark Report we made a remarkable finding about the end-users perceived lost productivity for IT incidents. Based on a sample of more than 7 900 000+ responses to IT incidents during a period of 3 years (2019-2022), we found out that only 13% of all tickets stand for a staggering 80% business productivity loss from the IT end-user perspective.

In this episode of Happy in 15 our CEO Sami Kallio and CGO Pasi Nikkanen, tackle this major finding and set out to answer the question "Why 80% of business productivity is lost by only 13% of all tickets?".

In addition, they also discuss how the IT end-users perceived lost time metric represents an excellent opportunity to identify IT areas where business impact is high, with one possible explanation being that the 13% of all tickets that makes up 80% of the lost productivity are most likely complicated tickets. However, this still leaves some questions for the whole ITSM industry to answer, like for example; are we in service management focusing on these tickets enough? And is this one possible explanation for why the watermelon effect exists?

Read the full Global IT Experience Benchmark Report

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