Is Your IT Team Facing Cost Saving Pressure?

Is Your IT Team Facing Cost Saving Pressure?

We hear this a lot about IT teams these days, which is understandable with the current economy and uncertainty in the world lately. It is only natural that companies look to cut costs and ensure investments are used efficiently. Unfortunately, historically IT costs- and spending have been easy targets for making cost savings- and reductions because of the challenge to prove the real value and cost savings that IT organizations, in fact, are doing continuously.

However, often times not only the business side of the company but also the IT organization itself measures the cost savings predominantly based on cost savings made internally within the IT organization. Instead, we suggest that the IT organization should prove its value also by showing how it's making the business more efficient, for example, how much time is saved from the business through increased employee productivity (e.g., through saved work hours of the IT end-users).

In this episode, we delve into why IT teams are forced to concentrate on cost savings and explain how you can use ITXM™ to prove the true value of IT.

Check out our ITXM™ Framework to discover how it could help you save IT costs while proving the value of IT to the business

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