Don’t make these mistakes when changing your MSP

Changing your MSP provider can be a massive and also potentially very costly endeavor that you would most likely want to avoid unless you have good reasons to do so.

In this episode of Happy in 15, we discuss the issues related to changing your MSP as well as the reasons that may lead up to the decision to change. In addition, we also reveal two common mistakes that you certainly want to avoid when changing your MSP provider.

Data from our HappySignals platform shows that, when tasked with focusing on Experience Management, the outsourced partners are very successful at making continual improvements to the end-user happiness. In fact, MSPs & GSIs have been able to make a tremendous 36% improvement in end-user happiness with their clients after having used HappySignals for at least 1 year!

Historically we've seen that trust issues between the GSI/MSP provider and the client are very common. The relationship between the two parties has often heavily relied on Service Level Agreements and penalties for the service desk provider for not meeting the SLAs. Such an environment doesn't make for a very fruitful collaboration between the MSP provider and the client. We also talk about how an MSP change could potentially be avoided altogether if only both parties were aligned on the same outcomes.

Also, in this Happy in 15 episode, we offer alternative ways to manage your MSP to achieve increased end-user happiness and productivity through joint goals and rewards that will drive collaboration for all involved parties.

Does your IT organization suffer from the watermelon effect too? Learn more on how to fix SLAs that drive the wrong behaviors in your MSP collaboration by creating a common goal for IT.

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