Happiness Score™ - What would be a good score for our company?

A question we hear a lot at HappySignals is "What would be a good score for our company?"
In this special edition of Happy in 15, HappySignals CEO, Sami Kallio, draws information from our recent Global IT Experience Benchmark report for H/1. This report contains anonymous data from all of our customers across different cultures, countries and industries. Sami discusses about how different industries and countries can have vastly different scores, hence making it quite difficult to create and "ideal score" or generic score to work towards.
Instead, Sami offers you advice on how to work out what would be a score that is smart and attainable for your specific company, as there is not one size that fits all.
Prefer to read? Read Sami's blog post explaining differences in end-user happiness with IT across contexts, and what they may mean for your company.