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Having one overall metric to measure everything within your IT services isn't sufficient in providing in-depth information on your end-users happiness and IT Service satisfaction. This is essentially the equivalent of going into a store and when leaving being prompted with the 4 smiley faces, asking you how was your experience in-store - it means nothing. You could have had an easy time finding your product, however, the customer service was shocking. How can you then accurately rate your experience with one metric?

Apply this same example to IT Services - You have many people, managing many different service departments (i.e. from Office environment to mobile devices to remote workers). How can you efficiently measure all these diverse services with one metric?

By creating Experience as the shared goal for your IT department, you then create Employee Experience as the outcome of your IT Services.

In this episode of Happy in 15, Pasi and Sami begin the discussion on why Experience needs to be the shared goal for IT. They dig deep into how Ahlstrom Munksjö uses Experience Data to increase happiness with support services, as well as different models and examples that can be beneficial for the whole IT team - from everyone from the CIO down to Service Desk Agents.

Find the whole Ahlstrom Munksjö interview here.

Prefer to read? Read Sami's blog on how to make Experience a shared goal in your IT.

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