Creating the Business Case for EX-Driven Continual Improvement

!  Employee Experience (EX) as a driver for continual improvement !

Improvement can be made everywhere and anywhere. Deciding when, where, and how to apply resources toward improvement can be difficult. A sound business case presents evidence for a particular course of action or investment with the best opportunity for positive results.

Industry guidance suggests that everyone involved in providing a service should look for opportunities for improvement. The result is that too often, improvements are internally selected, planned, and executed. While this approach may produce positive results for the provider, it may or may not positively affect the organization as a whole.

Using employee experience (EX) as a driver for continual improvement changes the equation. Now the improvements can be selected based on the positive or negative impact they have on the people who are consuming the service provided the proper measures are in place. 

Key takeaways from this webinar will include:

• A clear definition of what EX means and why it’s important
• How an iterative, feedback-driven approach to continual improvement capitalizes on opportunities, decreases risks, and increases chances of success
• How to measure the success of your efforts.

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