Recreating the IT walk-in experience through Virtual Tech bars, with Sophos

Do you have many people working in remote places where the IT walk-in experience is unavailable? Do some of your end-users feel like they're missing out on certain IT services that others are receiving? 

Sophos had this same challenge. Specific end-users in remote locations, in countries where IT HQ was unavailable, were desperate to receive the walk-in experience for IT incidents and requests. After discovering this was a problem, Sophos worked on how to replicate this experience to all of their end-users - creating a Virtual Tech bar. 

Find out in this episode the challenges its end-users faced, the solution it implemented and how Sophos increased and maintained end-user Happiness.

Prefer reading? Check out Pasi's blog post about Sophos' Virtual Tech Bar in light of the need for human interaction among distributed and remote employees.

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