Why are humans the best sensors?

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Human feelings and experiences of IT services will always be the most reliable indicator for experience. Human-centric IT puts your end-users are at the centre of every single service that is delivered, and essentially, is your target market for deliverables.

In this episode of Happy in 15, Sami and Pasi dig deeper into Human-Centric IT and what it means to have Humans as sensors when looking for feedback and improvements, across all IT Touchpoints. It is never too late to start your Experience Management journey, but it is better to start sooner than later.

Your end-users are already having these experiences daily. The sooner you take this approach, the quicker you can start increasing their efficiency and productivity. 


Prefer to read? Check out Pasi's new blog post "Humans are the best sensors for IT", or our Practical Guide to XLAs to learn more about Experience Management!

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