What challenges does human-centric IT solve?

The ever-changing needs of end-users are a phenomenon that must be addressed to streamline IT services to keep your employees productive and, most importantly, happy.

Traditionally, in ITSM, we focus our measurement efforts on outputs, essentially the beginning of the end. By measuring IT services in this manner, we will never truly understand how end-users are experiencing IT services, creating the Watermelon effect.

On the other hand, creating a Human-centric IT solves more problems than just increasing the happiness of your end-users, even though that is a massive achievement.

In this 'Happy in 15', we discuss the challenges IT is facing today, including:

  • Bad reputation of IT
  • No central view of IT happiness
  • No common focus for IT
  • Lack of control with partners
  • Unable to quantify end-user Happiness and Productivity
  • Making decisions based on gut feelings instead of data-driven decisions

Find out how creating a Human-centric IT can help solve the challenges you are facing in your IT organization.

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