Deep Dive into Global IT Experience and Overall IT Happiness

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In this special episode of Happy in 15, HappySignals CEO, Sami Kallio, has his first opportunity to dive deeper into Service Management and the Global IT Experience report, previously known as Happiness Score™ Report.
Sami goes through the latest findings from the Global IT Experience Benchmark Report for the first half of 2021, specifically focusing on the overall IT happiness areas, divulging data from all of our customers on the happiest areas of IT services, as well as the unhappiest areas.
In just 15 minutes you can find out why end-users on a global scale are:
  • Unhappy with Portal
  • Increased happiness with Support Services, even due to remote working
  • Increased happiness with collaboration with IT
  • Why people are struggling with mobiles
  • Remote work happiness on the decline?


Prefer to read? Read Sami's short blog post on 'What makes Enterprise IT end-users happy in 2021?'

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