Traditional SLAs; Should I remove them?

EP 10-Traditional SLAs. Should I remove them?
Experience Level Agreements (XLAs) are the topic everyone's talking about. But does this mean you should be removing your ‘set in stone’ SLAs and replacing them?
SLAs have been labelled differently by ITSM thought leaders over recent years, bringing the question whether or not they are serving a purpose to your IT organisation, or whether they are actually producing more harm than good.
Sami, an avid supporter for removing SLAs, discusses with Pasi on the importance of using the right metric for measurement - SLAs measure the process, XLAs measure the outcome and value.
Furthermore, in this episode we hear from Marte Thorbjønsen, the Director of IT Core Operations for Wilhelmsen group, and the decisions to remove SLA measurements from their Chat measurement. 
And if you thought that’s all we could get in to a 15 minute episode, we also hear from XLA Collab CEO, Alan Nance, discussing HappySignals Global IT Experience Benchmark report data on the impact of including rewards in your agreements with your Service Desk, instead of SLAs and sanctions.
Prefer to read? Sami's new blog post explains the limitations of SLAs, and why you should consider XLAs.