XLAs: Applying The Art & Science of Experience

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Everybody's talking about experience level agreements (XLAs), but where do you get started with them? Find out in this webinar with ITSM Academy founder and CEO, Lisa Schwartz for all the practical advice you need to successfully adopt XLAs into your organization.

In the presentation, Lisa will:

- Walk you through what an XLA is, and how they augment, not replace, existing Service Level Agreements (SLAs)
- Show examples of XLAs in action
- Discuss why they've become so impactful, especially with our global shift to working from home
- Explain why XLA has been listed in the Gartner Hype Cycle as Emerging, with a 5-10-year plateau.

Unfamiliar with Lisa? She leads her teams in the delivery of exceptional educational experiences in the disciplines of IT service management (ITSM), ITIL, DevOps, Agile service management, and employee experience. Additionally, she is a co-founder and board member of both the DevOps Institute and XLACollab.

If you're looking for practical advice to get started with - or improve upon - your XLA journey, be sure to watch this webinar.

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