What are the Benefits of Experience Level Agreements - Part 1 of 5

XLAs measure the value of the service desk from the perspective of the business

Doing this tackles one of service management's most common pain points — not being seen as a relevant function from a business perspective. With XLAs, you measure what matters, not what happens on the service desk.

For example, instead of saying that you have solved 10,000 tickets this month, the question should be, why did we have 10,000 tickets this month?

Not only does this example show a transition from SLAs to XLAs, but it also suggests that the service provider or owner should focus on the underlying reasons behind the tickets and how to improve the employee experience to reduce the number of tickets in the long run.

Fixing the fundamental problems that end-users are creating tickets about leads to greater happiness amongst end-users about the service they receive or increases in end-user productivity.

That is when the business will begin to listen and realize the impact that IT can have on the business value.

Fewer tickets, more efficient employees, better service experience.

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