What are the Benefits of Experience Level Agreements - Part 4 of 5

4 driving business value

Driving business value

When understanding end-users better we can create real value for the business. Happier end-users means they are able to provide a better experience to their customers, and not have to work overtime due to IT problems having made it impossible to work during 'office hours'.

The business value of Service Management is helping employees to do their job and essentially focusing on the things that matter for the business. 

Through implementing HappySignals measurement, CIOs can now begin to measure the experience employees are having and then justify which areas need to retain focus and be developed.

An example of this is our customer Reckitt Benckiser CIO was receiving very negative comments about IT from other management members on how IT was not functioning properly. After implementing HappySignals, he was able to justify that IT was doing well, however also showing the areas that needed to be focused on. This made a big difference for them, as the CIO didn't have to rely on his gut feeling on what was possibly wrong in IT and he was able to show the value that IT in fact brings.

In short - better business outcomes are delivered.