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Providing Happiness to Finnish Public Sector

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Goal: 100% happy

Public sector workers

"HappySignals is a product that I really like. I would like to see all Finnish public sector organizations start to use it for improving employee happiness"

Sakari Marttila


Valtori provides ICT Services to all government agencies and institutions in Finland.

Public sector has been service-oriented and made productized services for its organisations for less than a decade.

Measuring employee satisfaction and happiness was not efficient in the non-service-oriented model.


When service orientation has become more important, a focus on service experience and user happiness has been brought into focus.

Service development, keeping employees happy and showing the importance of feedback is a must for Valtori.


Valtori introduced HappySignals in their own Service Management in February 2018. Benefits for improving their service quality were obvious from day one.

A growing number of Valtori's customers are starting to measure their own employees' happiness with HappySignals.

As a result, we are seeing happiness growing on the whole Finnish public sector.


  • 1300 employees
  • Platform: ServiceNow
  • Usage started: February, 2018

Valtori provides sector-independent ICT services for the central government as well as information and data communications technology services and integration services that meet the requirements of high preparedness and security.