People, Process, Tech is the ethos behind achieving our goal: Customer satisfaction

"HappySignals gives our internal customers a voice and insightful data that shows how our services are performing."
- Maria Wammen Andersen

You don’t often hear a story that begins with, “One day, we decided that we shouldn’t be focusing on traditional IT metrics anymore, and we should instead be focusing on measuring internal customer satisfaction”. Danish Crown implemented HappySignals into their IT stack to allow their IT customers (employees) to voice their opinion on the IT services they received.
Before HappySignals, there was some dialogue between the Global IT Service team and their customers. Danish Crown relied on data gathered from yearly surveys and 'gut feelings' on their IT performance.
After discussions at a strategic level, Danish Crown wanted to have a stronger understanding of its customer satisfaction, ultimately choosing to roll out HappySignals, creating a simplified approach to IT solely focusing on customer satisfaction and a common focus for Danish Crown’s global IT. There were little to no targets set; however, a key objective for all IT teams was to not drop below their baseline of customer satisfaction, which had been set internally.
Whilst creating its baseline measurement within the first few months of measuring with HappySignals, Danish Crown discovered reassuring data findings, suggesting an overall positive experience with IT even before adopting HappySignals - but still with room for improvement.
Now armed with a continuous influx of experience data, Danish Crown continue to identify areas that can be improved, maintaining their outcome of delivering customer satisfaction. Danish Crown’s IT team's success is measured by their customers' happiness and efficient communication among IT teams.
Looking to the future, Danish Crown aims to deploy HappySignals into other departments within the business, such as HR and Finance, to increase customer satisfaction company-wide.
  • Industry: Food Manufacturing
  • Employees: 25,000
  • ITSM Platform: Ivanti
  • Partner: CTMS
  • ServiceDesk: Internal
  • HappySignals since: Nov 2019










Productivity improvement

3h 32min

Lost time per ticket before

2h 9min

Lost time per ticket after




How HappySignals is used at Danish Crown

1. HappySignals enables dialogue between IT and its customers

Through the feedback tool, Danish Crown can see where it's succeeding with its IT services and which need improvement. If they receive a negative score from an employee, they'll reach out to discuss where things went wrong and how they can improve next time. This has led to an increase in customer satisfaction and a greater appreciation of IT.

2. To create a common focus for global IT

Simply put, internal customer satisfaction is the goal for the whole of Danish Crown's global IT.

3. To motivate service agents

HappySignals unites service teams as they're targeted to deliver a high level of customer satisfaction. At first, individuals focused on resolving tickets. Now, they work together using HappySignals data to increase and maintain internal customer satisfaction

4. To identify improvement areas never seen before

Danish Crown has always had a high level of internal customer satisfaction. However, since using HappySignals and creating a regular dialogue with its customers, they've found new areas to improve that it hadn't found before.

5. To improve response rates

Danish Crown's response rates have been boosted in comparison to annual surveys. However, they also made their survey available in local languages, offering an alternative to customers who feel more comfortable communicating in their native language.

Challenges overcome with HappySignals

HappySignals has been the key driver in facilitating better dialogue with Danish Crown's internal customers


The challenges that were identified prior to using HappySignals, and overcome with the help of the platform, were:

  • Not enough dialogue between internal customers and Danish Crown's Global IT - fixed with HappySignals daily feedback
  • Inability to align under one common focus for IT - now possible with HappySignals metrics
  • An inability to identify cultural and communication aspects of IT services that had a big impact on experience - now overcome with HappySignals data
  • Lack of motivation amongst teams to deliver a high level of customer satisfaction - morale is now boosted with the HappySignals platform and access to continuous data

Picture of Maria Wammen Andersen

” We were able to improve our response rate by close to 10 percentage points by changing our email template according to HappySignals recommendations.”

Maria Wammen Andersen

Tangible Benefits

  • Focusing on customer satisfaction has aligned global IT teams.
  • Experience data led to improvements that Danish Crown would not have found otherwise
  • The Experience Management platform aligns directly with strategic plans, enables dialogue with internal customers, and encompasses their overall IT goal - customer satisfaction
  • Motivating teams and boosting morale, knowing they're working together to improve internal customer satisfaction
  • Praise from higher management and CIO due to transparency into the great performance from IT.

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How they got there

Danish Crown made internal customer satisfaction its primary target for IT by:

  • First, measuring to create a baseline.
  • Setting the baseline as the goal to maintain or exceed.
  • CTMS implemented HappySignals to create better dialogue with its internal customers.
  • Using HappySignals data to see where employees were losing time - e.g., Asia-based employees suffered from a firewall restricting them from receiving emails until the EMEA service desk approved them.
  • Translating surveys into local languages, encouraging customers to give feedback in their native tongue rather than English (resulting in a tremendous boost in response rates.)




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