A CIO without Experience Data is like Sales without CRM

HappySignals is the same for CIOs that CRM is for Sales Directors
- Chris Woods

With rapid digital transformation a top priority, it was vital that Campari Group had a way to measure end-user productivity continuously and where IT services needed improving.

With 4,000 employees globally, The Campari Group's main goal was to have complete visibility across all locations on how the rapid digital transformation impacted their employees and whether the transforming services impacted their work positively or negatively.

Now geared with HappySignals, Campari has complete visibility on their IT service performance and can make informed decisions throughout their transformational journey, thanks to experience data.

With the high response rates Campari Group has witnessed, due to how the HappySignals survey is delivered, Campari can link data to introducing new services in different locations.

  • Industry: Beverages
  • Employees: 4000
  • ITSM Platform: ServiceNow
  • HappySignals since: April 2019


End-user happiness







Lost time with IT incidents

9h 39min


7h 47min


1 hr 8

Reduced waiting time

Campari Happiness Score Chart

How HappySignals is used at Campari Group

1. Continuous measurement

Campari needed complete visibility of the impact of their digital transformation on their employee's experiences.

2. Experience data to focus on improvement areas

HappySignals experience data focuses on where Campari Group's employees are losing time and happiness, creating a more significant focus on the areas that need improvement.

3. Complete visibility across all global locations

Campari Group has complete visibility over all their international locations, making it easy and efficient to engage their employees in the service development process

4. Continual improvement

Focus on making effective decisions based on dependable data for IT teams to use their time on things that create the most value

5. Continuous feedback loops

Campari receives constant employee feedback due to how HappySignals surveys are delivered. This is a critical factor in effectively improving their IT services.

6. Improved decision-making

Thanks to the data captured within the HappySignals platform, Campari can now make decisions based on fact, instead of just opinion or guesswork.

Challenges overcome with HappySignals

HappySignals moves us from SLAs to XLAs

The challenges that were identified before using HappySignals and overcome with the help of the platform were:

  • Inability to understand employee perception of IT, resulting in guesswork and poor decision-making.
  • Struggling to prove the value of IT.
  • Unable to transform the business through technology, being seen only as a cost center.
  • Campari's CIO wanted to bring the everyday consumer mindset inside the company and apply it to the organization's employee experience.
  • Before HappySignals, Campari's IT culture focused on SLAs and KPIs and desired a way to find out how their employees were feeling and experiencing everyday IT services, leading to an increased need for experience management and XLAs.
  • Without experience data, Campari Group struggled to understand what end-users were thinking and experiencing, which was highly important in their digital transformation.
Picture of CIO Campari-02

"A CIO working without Experience Data would be like a Sales Manager working without CRM."

Christopher Woods, Campari CIO.

Tangible Benefits

Experience data from HappySignals continuously shows the Happiness and Productivity of all employees across all countries.

  • Continuous measurement allows Campari to react quickly to IT problem areas based on real-time data.
  • Experience data enables greater discussions with vendors on how services can be improved from an end-user perspective.
  • Data creates the opportunity to hold personalized conversations with end-users regarding their issue, helping to increase the likelihood of a positive experience.
  • Focusing on productivity and reducing productivity losses has significantly improved Campari's mean time to resolution (MTTR) metrics.
  • Easy integration with ServiceNow has led to enriched data within its IT service management tool, providing a 'single pane of glass view' about how the business uses IT capabilities and their experiences.



How they got there

Experience data across all IT areas

  • Using HappySignals experience data to drive digital transformation.
  • Continuous measurement of IT services, globally.
  • Moving from traditional SLAs and KPIs to an experience management approach.
  • Sharing experience data with all IT stakeholders and vendors.
  • Empowering end-users to give their opinion on the quality of service and the IT experience they receive.




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ITXM Summit 2024 Session: IT Experience Management

Campari recognized the need for improved visibility into IT service performance and for informed decision-making during their transformational journey. This led them to seek change and prioritize actionable experience data essential for driving success. In Chris's presentation, you will hear how Campari Group IT started its ITXM journey to become human-centric, what outcomes they have achieved, and the next steps.

Presented by Chris Fazey, Campari Group



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