Implementing a Human Centric IT Culture

“Beyond the product, I really also appreciate the relationship built with the HappySignals crew: Professional, available, knowledgeable, pleasant. It is really a refreshing experience.”
- Dominique Raphanel

bioMérieux, a family run business, has always held strong focus on human values in their business mantra. Therefore, when planning and beginning their digital transformation journey over 5 years ago integrating and developing a human centric IT held a vital importance.

Fast forward to 2020, HappySignals Experience Management Platform was introduced into bioMérieux’s IT stack. HappySignals is now used to benefit bioMérieux's end-users by enabling IT to focus on identifying continuous improvement areas, helping to maintain and increase employees productivity levels.
bioMérieux has a diverse range of demographics amongst their end-users, ranging from “Baby Boomers” to “Gen Z”. When adopting HappySignals, internal communication played an important role as users needed to understand the importance of giving feedback. Just like politics, if you don’t vote, you won’t get a say; a message really resonating with bioMérieux's end-users, resulting in a 20% increase in response rates.
HappySignals has become a key tool for bioMérieux’s IT stack, not only used for CI but also to understand their end-users to a greater extent. bioMérieux now have a wider understanding on their end-users rating behaviour depending on which location they are situated.
5 years later from the beginning of their digital transformation journey, bioMérieux can now happily lay claim to the integration of a Human-Centric IT culture.
  • Industry: Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals
  • Employees: 12000
  • Service Desk: HCL
  • ITSM Platform: ServiceNow
  • HappySignals since: Jan 2020








Increase in happiness

Response Rates







How HappySignals is used at bioMérieux

1. Experience data used to identify Improvement areas

Experience data is a key driver in identifying continuous improvement areas. bioMérieux can see in real time where there end-users are losing time and productivity.

2. Your voice matters

bioMérieux's internal communication prompts their end-users to actively take part in giving feedback. By doing so, not only have they managed to increase their response rates significantly, but they also have rich experience data at their finger tips.

3. Understanding voting behaviour

Thanks to the Global IT Experience Benchmark and Happiness Score data, bioMérieux are able to understand their end-users to a greater extent, expectations when it comes to rating services and behaviour towards IT service. 

4. Not finger-pointing, but sharing

Experience Data is shared amongst IT teams and vendors in order to create a common focus for IT. Within the company, there is no finger pointing, but sharing of information on areas and ways they can develop and imporve services to deliver a great experience to their end-users.

5. Maintaining a Human-Centric Culture

With HappySignals Experience Management Platform, bioMérieux can think from their end-users perspective thanks to the influx of experience data gathered.

Challenges overcome with HappySignals

bioMérieux began with HappySignals in early 2020 in order to begin the transition across to Experience Management and to start delivering their key target; making end-user experience as great as possible.

The challenges that were identified prior to using HappySignals, and overcome with the help of the platform, were:

  • Increasing Response Rates and accessing tangible, fruitful data to help develop services
  • Identify key continuous improvement areas
  • Develop a Human Centric Culture
  • Understanding the needs of their end-users
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“Beyond the product, I really also appreciate the relationship built with the HappySignals crew: Professional, available, knowledgeable, pleasant. It is really a refreshing experience.”  

Dominique Raphanel

Tangible Benefits

Real-time Experience data enables bioMérieux to identify continual improvement areas

  • Delivers value instantly
  • Pinpoints end-user exact problem areas
  • Increase response rates
  • Track and trace IT changes
  • Understanding end-users and there ways of working


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How they got there

Experience Management enables bioMérieux to deliver IT services that keeps its organisation productive:

  • When integrating HappySignals into their IT stack, bioMérieux needed to use different internal communication methods in order to meet the needs of their diverse end-user demographics.
  • Encouraging their end-users to give feedback was a high priority. Once their end-users understood why it was so important, bioMérieux saw a steep increase in response rates.
  • Thinkning from an end-users perspective has enabled bioMérieux to develop IT services that their end-users love.





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