Agent Happiness Correlates with Employee Happiness

HappySignals helps me show the appreciation and value of the work Service Desk agents are doing.
- Jesper Hansen

Region Midtjylland is Central Denmark Region's IT service desk, where they handle support for 38,000 employees, primarily in the health sector, receiving about 4000 IT support tickets per week. 

The main goal for the IT service desk is to provide the service that supports business in the best possible way, intending to be among the top 5 in customer satisfaction in the Nordic Region. 

HappySignals has been successfully used in various of ways, including saving more than 3 hours of end-user lost time with every IT incident. With 4000 weekly IT tickets, it adds up to a reduction of 669,000 hours spent waiting for IT issues to be solved. 

  • Industry: Federal & Public Sector
  • Employees: 38 000
  • ITSM Platform: ServiceNow
  • ServiceDesk: Internal
  • HappySignals since: October 2018


End-user happiness







Time spent waiting for incident resolution

4h 53min

Perceived waiting time before

1h 40min

Perceived waiting time after


Total reduction over 12 months

Response rate


Before HappySignals


With HappySignals


Higher response rate

Region Midt-All-Time

How HappySignals is used at Region Midt

1. Experience feedback loop for SD agents

While agents at were initially skeptical, they quickly became convinced by instantly seeing the quality of their work.

2. Experience data for SDI Accreditation

HappySignals data was used as a key data source for finding improvement areas and reaching the 4-star SDI Accreditation level.

3. Active use of IT Support Profiles

Region Midtjylland actively uses IT Support Profile data to provide adapted IT services to different end-users.

4. Continual Service Improvement

Focus on making effective decisions based on dependable data for IT teams to use their time on things that create the most value

5. No finger-pointing

IT managers and agents look at the data as a reflection of reality without finger-pointing. This creates an environment of learning and improving together.

Challenges overcome with HappySignals

HappySignals is a dependable source of experience data


The challenges that were identified before using HappySignals and overcome with the help of the platform were:

  • Region Midtjylland wanted to get SDI accreditation and become a leading service desk in customer satisfaction.
  • Before HappySignals, it was harder to identify the improvement projects that would have a clear positive impact on the end users. 
  • Without easily understood experience data, it was much more challenging to have a shared view across all of IT of how good IT was at providing services to the end-users.
Picture of Jesper-pink

"Agent Happiness correlates with end-user happiness."

Jesper Lund Hansen

How they got there

Systematic use of Experience data on all levels

  • Instant feedback loops for Service Desk agents
  • Active use of IT Support Profiles to tailor services to user preferences
  • A collaborative approach of working as a team to improve service delivery
  • HappySignals data used to identify improvement areas and achieve 4-star SDI Accreditation status
  • Using HappySignals to spread more "hygge". :) 




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