Utilizing Experience Management to Continually Improve Services

With this tool and these discussions, we are on the same side of the table with the customer.
- Minna Nousiainen

Enfo's ambition to create and maintain an end-user centric culture became more of a reality when implementing HappySignals in 2018.

HappySignals Experience Management Platform enables Enfo to shift to a higher gear of instant end-user feedback and rich experience data. The influx of data became an important source of understanding, not just for management overviews, but for all levels of employees and teams delivering IT services.

Enfo is a Nordic IT service company, enabling their customers' data-driven business transformation. Therefore, receiving experience data, identifying improvement areas and maintaining customer satisfaction are key to Enfo's reputation amongst their customers.

One standout process for Enfo from the ITXM framework was sharing the experience data transparently with their customers, showing that their voice is being heard, leading to an increase in overall customer happiness and experience.

Furthermore, the influx of experience data led to an increase in agent motivation, with an 88% positive feedback rating a key factor in agent job satisfaction.

  • Industry: MSP
  • Employees: 40,000
  • ITSM Platform: ServiceNow
  • ServiceDesk: Internal
  • HappySignals since: April 2018









Productivity improvement

1h 26min

Lost time per ticket before

1h 22min

Lost time per ticket after



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How HappySignals is used at Enfo

1. A new level to gathering end-user feedback

Gathering end-user feedback and measuring satisfaction is a high priority for Enfo. After recognising their current ITSM tool was not sufficient to neither efficiently gathering or measuring feedback/satisfaction, HappySignals platform was easily implemented to do just that.

2. Out-of-the-box feedback tool to replace hand built surveys

Implementing HappySignals feedback tool was incredibly easy to implement for Enfo, due to the out of the box utility. Shortly after implementing, Enfo were able to start collecting feedback instantly.

3. Special Forum to track customer satisfaction

A special forum has been created headed by Enfo's Sales Director to discuss the overall customer satisfaction. Enfo keeps customer satisfaction at the core of their business operations, even implementing it as an overall business goal.

4. Integrating experience to agreements (XLAs)

Customer experience is one of the main measurements Enfo has in their agreements.

5. Negative feedback directly dealt by Service Desk Agents

Enfo deals with all written negative feedback directly, with the Service Desk Agent obliged to take action to implement the need for change in the process. This enables Enfo to make small improvements on a daily basis.

Challenges overcome with HappySignals

HappySignals has been the key to keeping end-user experience and satisfaction at the core of Enfo's operations.


The challenges that were identified prior to using HappySignals, and overcome with the help of the platform, were:

  • Efficiently collecting valid experience data in order to positively impact customer satisfaction
  • Real-time data delivered straight to Service Desk Agents, enabling daily continuous improvements.
  • HappySignals keeps experience at the core of Enfo's operations
  • A clear framework to help Enfo with their experience management success - Measuring end-user feedback, share amongst team members and IT stakeholders, and identifying continuous improvement areas.
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"With this tool and these discussions, we are on the same side of the table with the customer."

Minna Nousiainen

Tangible Benefits

Focusing on viewing IT services from the end-user perspective, enhancing their experience.

  • Personal, end-user feedback given in real-time, directly from their own opinion, reflecting their exact experience.
  • Using experience data to predict common seasonal trends and prepare for staff shortages
  • Experience data drives the conversation of customer satisfaction all over the business, from IT to Sales Directors to Business Stakeholders.
  • Daily continual improvement from direct end-user feedback.

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How they got there

Simply put, Enfo started by measuring their end-users experience to collect a baseline for measurement

  • Measuring experience and creating a baseline before trying to identify improvement areas
  • Creating a common focus for the business, not just IT. By sharing the data amongst business units and business stakeholders, everyone was part of the plan to hold customer satisfaction and experience at the core of their operations.
  • Adding Experience metrics into their agreements
  • Identifying negative scores and influencing Service Desk Agents to get in touch to solve the problem
  • Using experience data to continuously improve daily, even if they are minor improvements.




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