IT Experience Management from Data to Action

Measure end-user experiences across all IT touchpoints, Share experience data, and Identify improvement areas – all on one platform.

Measurement Areas

Drive all of IT from Experience 

HappySignals IT Experience Management Platform enables you to manage end-user experiences and drive IT decision-making with experience data about these areas:


Services, Overall IT Experience, Enterprise Applications, Laptops and Computers, Mobile Devices, Collaboration with IT, Office Environment, Remote Work, and Service Portal.


Learn more about our IT Experience Management (ITXM™) Framework.


See your whole IT at a glance, in one view

The Dashboard is your high-level view of how IT is doing across all Measurement Areas. Quickly switch between Happiness and Lost Time, monitor trends and targets.

Measure end-user happiness and productivity across all IT touchpoints

Understand where and why your end-users are unhappy or losing time. Use ticket-based and proactive surveys to continuously measure all of IT.
Measure_Quantify Happiness Productivity-1

Happiness & Productivity

End-users rate their happiness and estimate how much productive work time they lost with just a few clicks.

Understand the reasons behind each rating

Don’t stop at a number. Find out why end-users are happy or unhappy, so you know how to improve your services.
Measure_continuous data

Continuous stream of data

Do better than yearly IT surveys. Automate the continuous sending of ticket-based and proactive surveys at the right times to the relevant end-users.

Get reliable, comparable, and repeatable data with ready-made surveys

Roll out our ready-made surveys in minutes to employees. Drive high response rates and get actionable data with our research-backed and standardized surveys.


Out-of-the-box Surveys backed by research

Why spend time creating surveys from scratch? Use our ready-made surveys that have been designed and tested with end-users.

Surveys via Email, Microsoft Teams, or Slack

Make it easy for end-users to give feedback using their everyday internal communication tools.
Surveys_comparable data

Comparable data internally and globally

Using data from standardized surveys, compare end-user experiences within your organization and with global benchmarks.

Share real-time data and get everyone on the same page

Make Experience Data visible and accessible to your colleagues, partners, and business stakeholders. Build trust and cooperation to reach common goals.

Reports for real-time sharing

No need to build custom reports. Our Reports page combines experience data and operational data in real time to capture experiences across all IT areas.
Share_Live Screens

Live Screens in your workplace

Create digital signage with selected experience data. Make Experience a common focus and talking point between colleagues.
Share_Instant Feedback Loop (2)

Instant Feedback Loop for IT

Enable everyone in IT, from Service Agents to Service Owners, to see the impact of their work on end-users with real-time feedback.

Identify focus areas by drilling down into the experience data

From the big picture to a detailed view in a few clicks. Focus on the time periods, Measurement Areas, Locations, Services etc that matter most to you.
Identify_Data filters

Data filters for different needs

Filtering data based on services, channels, locations, and teams, etc. makes data actionable - regardless of your role in the organization.

Shortcuts and Time Frames

Create shortcuts to keep track of the areas you and your team are responsible for. Analyze the data within time frames of your choice.
Identify_Global Benchmarks

Global Benchmarks

See how IT in your organization compares to other HappySignals users globally. Account for cultural differences in rating behavior.

Discover actionable insights for improvement

Know where and how to improve. Allocate resources to the areas that you know matter most to end-users – no more gut feelings!

Factors and feedback

Understand why end-users are unhappy or losing time with different IT areas. Tag feedback to highlight or follow up on it.


Add milestones to track the impact of events and initiatives on end-users – before, during, and after change.
Improve_Built-in XLA

Built-in XLA Management

Set Experience Level Agreement (XLA) targets for your organization. Monitor if you are on track to meeting targets.

One platform, many solutions

Regardless of your role in IT, HappySignals helps you tackle common IT challenges, from fixing the watermelon effect to eliminating manual reporting.

Discover Solutions

Built for Enterprises

HappySignals is easily integratable to your trusted ITSM tools, and always safe to use.
Learn more about using HappySignals with ServiceNow.


Available Features Service­Now Ivanti Neurons for ITSM Jira Cloud
Ticket-based Surveys • 
Proactive Surveys    
In-Portal Surveys    
Surveys via Email • 
Surveys via Microsoft Teams    
Surveys via Slack    
Instant Feedback Loop
Agent View    
Use HappySignals Data in Reporting and Dashboards    
Connect via API    
Flow Designer    
Native Configurator    
Support Notifications    
Certified app available in App Store    


Security & Privacy

HappySignals is ISO 27001:2013 certified.

We follow security and privacy frameworks and regulations, e.g. GDPR.

Security audits done by third parties regularly.

Secured Cloud infrastructure in Microsoft Azure

Data centers available worldwide to ensure compliance to local jurisdiction

We respect your privacy. All data is owned by our customers.

Read more about our Security Statement and Privacy Policy.

One platform for every step of Experience Management

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