From IT Cost to Business Value using Employee Experience

Pasi interviews Sami in his articles about changing the strategy in IT from Cost Reduction to providing Business Value.

Has the focus on IT support cost reduction really been the best option for CIOs and their senior management teams?

There has been a long-held view that the IT service desk is a “cost of quality,” i.e. it’s an additional and unnecessary cost that’s caused by a lack of quality in certain parts of the IT value chain. IT issues – or “incidents” to use ITIL terminology – are something that can be managed by better IT service design, transition, and delivery practices.

This cost-of-quality view has caused many organisations to consistently drive down the cost of their IT service desk and available budgets. This might have involved fewer, lower-paid staff or it might have involved the outsourcing of the service desk function in pursuit of lower costs (through economies of scale), higher quality (through best practice capabilities), and increased innovation – it’s the common outsourcing promise, or at least the organisational expectation of outsourcing.

But is this Really in the Best Interest of the Business?

Read the full article that Sami wrote, Refocus from cost to business value 


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