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Measure, Share and Identify

Full Experience Management Platform (XMP) for IT and Experience Level Agreements. Our customers have made on average 26% improvement in productivity

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We measure the happiness and productivity of more than 2,000,000 employees in over 130 countries.

Steps to happiness, what HappySignals will bring:


1. Measure

Knowing what experiences your employees are having already today, is critical. Getting high volumes of Experience Data continuously and combining it with your Operational Data is the key.


2. Share

Sharing Experience Data with colleagues, partners, vendors and stakeholders in real-time, will help you to co-operate to reach common goals.


3. Identify

From gut feelings to data-driven decision making, an experience-driven IT department is created. From SLAs to XLAs.


4. Improve

With everyone focused on the same goal, outcomes can be achieved and success celebrated. Our customers have been able to improve productivity by 26 %.

What our customers say?

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