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105% Increase in Happiness

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Increase in Happiness


Less lost work time

"Transparency and trust were the guiding principles in our discussions."

Marte Thorbjørnsen Reid


There are always operational and cultural challenges when a function, such as Service Desk, is outsourced. The team providing the service does not even have to be on the other side of the world (which may often be the case); only different working cultures can create a negative end-user experience.


Find a way to show how different services are performing in terms of end-user satisfaction. See if different types of users expect different kinds of service experience. Expose end-user feedback openly to all parties and target activities on the services that have the most improvement potential.


Employee experience data was collected with HappySignals before and after the change of Service Desk provider. Based on the data, it was easy to objectively pinpoint the areas where the most improvement was needed.

A lot of time was spent with the provider in India to create trust and understand the cultural differences. HappySignals had an important role in creating content and transparency to the discussions.


  • 4000 employees
  • Platform: ServiceNow
  • Usage started: January, 2017

Wilhelmsen group operates the largest maritime network on the planet, with over 2 200 locations worldwide.