What are the Benefits of XLA?

Experience Level Agreements (XLAs) are coming to IT Service Management, but what really are the main benefits of using them? Sami gives you the top 5 reasons for you.

Why you should really look into Experience Level Agreements (XLAs):

  1. XLAs measure the business value of the Service Desk
  2. XLA measurement increases co-operation
  3. Motivating for Service Desk teams
  4. Driving business value
  5. Moving target in a positive way, never settle

XLAs measure the value of the Service Desk from the perspective of the business
When doing this, it removes one of the most common pain points of Service Management that is being seen as a relevant function from business perspective. With XLAs you are measuring what matters, not what happens in Service Desk.

XLA measurement boosts co-operation
When you have thousands of end-users feedback and comments, you have data that you can trust. End-users honestly tell everybody from Service Desk and Service Management what works and what doesn’t. Everybody is able to focus on the right problems and not be reliant on giving priority to whoever is shouting the loudest.

A more motivated Service Desk team
Not the first thing maybe in your mind, but it's much more motivating to be measured on how you have helped people, rather than being measured on how many tickets you have closed.

Driving business value 
When understanding end-users better we can create real value to the business. Happier end-users means they are able to provide a better experience to their customers, and not have to work overtime due to IT problems having made it impossible to work during 'office hours'. In short - better business outcomes are delivered.

Moving target – in a positive way
At HappySignals, we believe XLA targets should change after about 6 months. It’s not enough anymore to set targets that last for years. Also, we should always be able to continue to develop services. For us, agreements set should be ways of working, rather than targets with sanctions. The best results are always reached through co-operation.

Some of our customers have already started to use XLAs, for example Orbis Partnership has decided to let go of the "So What Metrics" and put in XLAs instead.

Want to find out how to Set Up XLAs?

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