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No More 'So What?' Metrics

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how to improve services

"No more 'so what metrics’ but a whole new spectrum of awareness and insight into improving customer experiences."

Kris Scruby


The traditional IT metrics and staff surveys did not offer enough insight into how to improve service experience for customers. They didn’t meet the ambition level and goals that Orbis had for customer experience development in their strategy. “We were able to say that 97% have rated us between 7/10 - 10/10. But what can we do with that information, how can we get better?”


Orbis decided to go after a broader understanding of what factors influence the IT service experience the most. They were also big advocates of continuous service improvement, so getting insight continuously and instantly was an important goal. Orbis wanted to introduce the idea of using XLA’s (Experience level agreements) instead of traditional SLA’s (Service level agreements) and decided to do a POC (proof of concept) with IT services.


Orbis is now measuring their IT service experience with HappySignals. They are currently gathering data in order to create a baseline for new IT XLA’s. Senior leadership level uses HappySignals continuously to review which areas of IT need improvement and to plan development actions.

Live Screens are being utilized to build the XLA culture and to encourage staff to focus on customer experience.

Orbis’ vision is to expand to Enterprise Service Management (ESM) areas and in the end, come up with an Orbis level service experience architecture that bases on XLA’s .


  • 25000 employees
  • Platform: Cherwell
  • Usage started: July, 2019

Orbis is a shared services partnership between Brighton and Hove City Council, East Sussex County Council, and Surrey County Council in UK.