Impact of ServiceNow's Reassignment Count on Employees Productivity

Sami and Pasi discuss the data from over 1 million customer responses - the Happiness Score™ Report. In this episode they analyse customer's data who are using ServiceNow or other ITSM platforms. One topic they have measured in this report is the impact of reassignment counts - when a ticket is passed from one team to another.

The Happiness Score™ Report data has been gathered from all HappySignals customers, through end-users rating their service experience on how happy they were. This is done through email, with the end-user answering via clicking a number on how happy they were with the service. As well as this, end-users are asked to estimate how much time it took to have their issue solved.

The Happiness Score™ data reveals that the average score across all services is 72 points, and this is when the ticket is resolved without it being reassigned. What we found was that per every reassignment, the Happiness will decrease in value by 10 points.

The reasons for this point reduction is due to the issue not being resolved by one person or team, leading to the end-user having to continuously explain their reason or problem over and over again, resulting in an increase in lost-time.

Data shows that on average end-users lose 43 minutes per ticket. However, when a ticket is reassigned it is an extra 40 minutes per reassignment. If you then translate this into business cost, companies will be losing €35 per each reassignment.

Simultaneously, from an IT perspective, they will also lose around the same time per reassignment, then the cost will be between €70-100 per reassignment.

In order to cut down these reassignment counts, the channels that are used should be simplified or made attractive for the end-users.

Portals are the most hated channel amongst end-users. However, with ServiceNow, you are able to make your portal more attractive to end-users, as well as being designed in a way to be able to handle the volume of cases at once.

From this, you can then see which cases need to be handled at once, as well as which cases should go to the correct vendor.

Utilising technology is a key IT strategy and a great way to cut down the reassignment counts and increase happiness.

However, it needs to be done in an efficient way to help the end-users. Big jumps from one channel to another is not efficient, as services (such as utilising portal instead of email) must be designed properly first and implemented, before a switch can take place.

Communication must then follow about why this switch is taking place, as well as the information on how end-users can utilise the new technology.

After this switch, it can also become easier to implement automation systems and chat bots, that can instantaneously help the end-user solve their problem on high frequency tickets or common problems.

More information on The Real Cost of Reassigning IT Service Desk Tickets can be found here.

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