Stop the 'Yearly Surveys' if you want to impact your IT Experience

FACT: Annual surveys are a thing of the past and something to be forgotten. Annual surveys don't give you that valuable, qualitative data that you can use at every step of your IT service experience. Let's throw you this statement: you wouldn't measure your customer experience once a year, so why do it with your employees?

In this episode of Happy in 15, Sami and Pasi divulge why annual surveys are a thing of the past and the problems/challenges encountered by them, such as:

  • Too slow
  • Too much effort
  • Out-of-date data (for a year)
  • Low response rates

The rollercoaster year of 2020 proved that anything could happen, even overnight, which forces a change and adaption from companies and delivers new, diverse and unique experiences to your IT end-users. In this instance, annual surveys are dead in the water and would never give you the real-time data to improve and react to your end-users experiences.

This use of "real-time" data is one cog in part of a big, well-oiled machine - Experience Management.

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