Happiness Score™

Q3/2020 Happiness Report, based on 936,955 end-user responses of their IT and Service Experience in more than 130 countries.

This report includes also the latest Remote Work Experience from 148,707 end-user responses.

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Happiness Score™ is based on continuous measurement of all HappySignals customers. This anonymized benchmark is part of HappySignals Employee Experience Management Platform, but is also available free to all in service management industry.

The Highlights from the latest Q3 Report :

  • Key findings and insights from 936,955 end-user responses
  • COVID-19 influence on end-users Happiness for IT Support and Remote Work
  • Change comparisons between Q2/2019 and Q3/2020 and what is trending in IT Experience Management
  • Top reasons why end-users feel happy or unhappy with a service
  • Which channels make end-users happiest and what is the impact of adopting Profiles
  • Country, company size, wellbeing impacts?
  • Remote Work Experience from 148,707 end-user responses

In the report we summarise your current situation as well as other HappySignals customers, and give insight into the reasons behind your Happiness Score™.

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