Driving human-centric IT Service Management with whyaye

Sharing a human-centric approach to IT Service Management, HappySignals works with whyaye to align IT systems and processes around hard user experience data.

Together, we can achieve a world-class employee experience platform that delivers real outcomes for our customers. Read on to find out more about our partnership!

I am thrilled to be part of a company who abide by their morals and promote internally what they sell to customers. We sell happiness, we sell productivity and culturally we live and breathe those two things every day!
Our customers give us great reviews, we have case studies to evidence our value and we have an amazing product team who want to learn, by listening to customer feedback and continuously keeps things moving at a fast pace. So what can I do to make things better?

Grow a partner eco-system, share our success with other organisations who understand the value we can bring to both our partners and customers. Deliver excellence in everything we do.

With over 2000 ServiceNow partners, the world is our oyster. However, having lived and breathed partnerships for over 25 years, my mantra is quality over quantity every day. We want to deliver a service, not only to our customers, but our partners too, we want to collaborate, make joint decisions, be proactive, and ultimately together drive success.
I see partners as an extension of our own sales team, and I want to understand their journeys and values, so together we can deliver customer outcomes.


What was it that drove whyaye to be our first ServiceNow Implementation partner in the UK?

When Jimmy Fitzgerald, one of our board members, formally ServiceNow SVP of Customer Outcomes, recommended I speak to Maureen (whyaye CEO), I listened and acted on his advice.
whyaye is a new company who is scaling as quickly as HappySignals, and both of us are driving business change in an outcome focused, collaborative and agile way. When I first researched whyaye, I had a great feeling, they beam with positivity, energy and have their own individual brand that separates them from other ServiceNow Partners, this all sounded so familiar.

Our values align, we build trust and lead with transparency, providing visibility and actionable insight, which enables us to focus on outcome-based goals and objectives. We both want to challenge the norm, everyday, finding new ways to deliver better services and outcomes to our clients.

When asking whyaye what their initial thoughts were on the partnership with Happy Signals, Maureen Robson-Norman had this to say:
‘‘ServiceNow is a great product and drives great experiences but we definitely need to understand more about how we continue to push the boundaries on those and make them even better and I think the HappySignals product allows us to do that”

With a human-centric approach to IT Service Management, whyaye and HappySignals working together, can align IT systems and processes around hard user experience data which is fundamental to recognise the holistic IT landscape and ensure experiences and personnel performance are optimised.

Together we can deliver and achieve the following:
  • A world-class employee experience platform that delivers real outcomes for our customers
  • A platform that will quickly enhance the reputation and perception of IT in the business 
  • A solution that will help identify quickly the critical areas that need addressing
  • Drive business and process improvements, through Experience Level Agreements, accelerating transformation with less sanctions and better cooperation
  • Dramatically improve and continue to strengthen employee happiness and productivity

In this 4-min video, Sami Kallio, HappySignals CEO and co-founder, and Maureen Robson-Norman, whyaye CEO and Founder discuss our partnership.


At HappySignals, we partner with the leading Managed Service Providers, Consulting, and Implementation companies worldwide to provide an innovative Experience Management solution that helps improve customer experience and drive business and process improvements.

Contact me to understand how the HappySignals partner team can help you and your customers to improve happiness and productivity!

Katie Bates
VP Global Partnerships and Alliances


About HappySignals
HappySignals is an Employee Experience Management Platform for IT that makes experience data visible, understandable, and connected to operational data in IT, enabling enterprises to change their culture to be more open, outcome-focused, and data-driven. We discover the experiences of over 2 million employees in 130 countries. Our customers have been able to make employees happier and increase productivity by 26% on average. 
About whyaye
Founded in 2019, we are a rapidly growing digital transformation company, committed to delivering strategic change & solutions for our clients.

We listen, we work collaboratively and we deliver value. We also believe culture is a very special thing and place it at the core of everything we do. It enables our mob members to thrive personally & professionally and ensures the highest quality of service to our clients.

Our aim is to stimulate, challenge and transform all whilst adding yay to our clients working day.

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