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HappySignals Partnership Program

"Who Needs XLAs? Your Customers do."

Katie Bates, VP, Global Partnerships and Alliances

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Since we were established in 2014, HappySignals has come a long way. We have many great success stories where our customers have seen a significant increase in end-user happiness, and on average, increased employee productivity by 26%, and some have made substancial financial savings due to the lost productivity reductions. It’s safe to say that everything is happy, happy, happy at HappySignals. 

However, there’s so much more that HappySignals can accomplish, and many more customer organizations that we can help, through better relationships with existing and new partners. 

Introducing the HappySignals Partnership Program 

Organizations are asking about experience management and the use of Experience Level Agreements (XLAs)  which creates a huge opportunity for HappySignals and our current and future partners – whether they’re managed service providers (MSPs), implementation partners, consultants, or IT service management (ITSM) tool vendors, as together we collaborate and deliver critical business outcomes.

In light of our growth, we’ve expanded our customer success team to ensure that we can maintain our levels of customer happiness (we are proud that over 90% of HappySignals customers would recommend us).

We’ve been fortunate to help all our customers as and when they need it, and as experience is at the heart of our business, it’s crucial for us that this never changes.  

As we look to scale across a wide range of geographies and industries, we need to invest in partnerships to better help and support our existing and new customers. We see our partners as an extension of our own sales, marketing, and customer success team, together we ensure we continue to deliver the improvements that customers need and expect, whilst benefiting from increased market reach, geographical expansion, driving acquisition, retention, and revenue, beyond what is possible alone.  

This is why I’m thrilled to have joined HappySignals as VP, Global Partnerships and Alliances and can now introduce the HappySignals Partnership Program.

Creating a better experience for all 

We’re constantly learning from our customers and frequently share that knowledge, so the more customers and focused partners we have the greater the cycle of learning and potential success.  

The global pandemic has created its own challenges for organizations, but for many, they have taken the opportunity to accelerate their digital transformation strategies, and prioritize projects specifically focused on improving user experience. The impact this has on IT service desks and providers means they need to move beyond their traditional use of service level agreement (SLA) data, for performance measurement and improvement, to better understand the service experience. 

Importantly for partners, in an IT service provider market that’s increasingly focused on meeting customer needs, the ability to offer experience management and improvement capabilities to customers is a differentiator.

Selling our experience-management service to partners 

Partnership sales is no mean feat, sometimes it can be the hardest sale, you need to understand different value propositions for each partner and even then, there is sometimes a disconnect between the vendor, partner and customer. 

We are proud to demonstrate the value HappySignals can bring to our partners, their services and ultimately their customers.  We take time to understand their approach to experience management, whether they are early adopters, or at the beginning of the experience journey  and yet to invest significantly in this area.

Using our research, investment in people, and collective customer learnings, we are in a strong position to work closely with our partners. We can evidence our value, and share our customer success stories, so together we can measure, share, identify and improve the overall employee experience. 

Why the HappySignals approach to partnerships is different 

Some partnership programs are designed to sign up high volumes of partners in a short time, in the hope this drives revenues. But what are they doing with those partners? Is it valuable to a partner to be one of many, in a long list of company names, with limited or no engagement? This type of strategy may be right for some organizations, but not for HappySignals. 

HappySignals is determined to take a different approach. We will be selective, we will focus on quality over quantity, we will make sure there is mutual value. There are plenty of partners, existing and future, that are driving the experience-management agenda and we want to spend our time helping these companies improve their value to their customers by providing the tools, marketing, knowledge and expertise. 

Our team is dedicated to supporting our partner ecosystem from onboarding, enablement, sales, marketing and customer success. We offer monthly and quarterly joint customer meetings that help drive experience-related improvements, not only to the IT service desk, but also for the end-users themselves. 

The experience management market is growing rapidly but we appreciate that we might still need to educate some new partners.

If you are looking to take your customers on an improvement journey and grasp the importance of experience management, we would love to hear from you.  

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